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All of our food trucks and concession trailers are proudly built in America, NSF approved and we guarantee you will pass inspection! Elhaj Custom Food Trucks is Covid Safe!


Food Truck and Concession Trailer Pricing:

meals from trucksOPTION 1: New Food Truck

A BRAND NEW TRUCK with a brand new custom kitchen to create the food truck of your dreams! With a brand new truck from Elhaj, we will customize from the ground up. Elhaj has an array of different box sizes that offer the maximum versatility and customization for your mobile business. Elhaj starts your custom build at $99,000, a steal in the food truck business!

meals from trucksOPTION 2: Pre-Owned Food Truck 

A PRE-OWNED TRUCK  with a brand new customized kitchen to make any Chef green with envy! With a pre-owned truck from Elhaj, we will build you a brand new customized kitchen. All brand new builds come with a manufacturer’s warranty on all appliances. The most economical way to get your food trucking in style! Custom builds starting at $47,000, hard to beat!

Concession trailer, trailers

OPTION 3: New Concession Trailer

A BRAND NEW CONCESSION TRAILER with a brand new custom kitchen in the kitchen size of your choice: 14 feet, 16 feet, 20 feet or 22 feet. Elhaj offers competitive pricing with a brand new build and kitchen to accommodate any menu. With our brand new concession trailers starting at $41,000, we’ve got you vending in budget and style!

Select Your Truck; Small, Medium, or Large?

Choose from our three standard options:

21’ Food Truck + 11’ Kitchen
Great startup size for those who want a lean operation!

lunch truck

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food truck design

26’ Food Truck + 14’-18’ Kitchen
A popular choice for those who want versatility!

meals in a truck

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food truck plans

30 ft. Food Truck + 22’ Kitchen
For those who want to take on large volumes. (i.e. Events, Corporate Gatherings, Festivals).

dinner from truck

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food delivery street


food truck design

We aim to build the food truck of your dreams! From design to delivery, we will create the inside and out from the ground up. Our process allows us to tailor the construction of your custom build to meet the exact needs of your business. First truck? Allow us to introduce you to our standard model!


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When you begin your journey with Elhaj, your Sales Associate will walk you through every step and answer any questions you may have. Upon receipt of your custom food truck, our General Manager will provide an in-depth orientation of the workings of your Custom Food Truck . And once you leave our facility, Team Elhaj is always here as a resource, should you have any questions or need any support.

Happy Food Truckers

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All of Elhaj Custom Builds are proudly built in America in our manufacturing yard in Manassas, Virginia. And we build to code. We literally guarantee that your Custom Food Truck will be built to the health and fire requirements of the area you plan to vend in. We don’t just say that, we put in writing. When you build with Elhaj, you can rest assured that your Custom Food Truck will be built to perfection!

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