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What’s Happening with Elhaj Built Trucks?
Cravin’ Shallot of Boston is!


We were super psyched to find out that one of Elhaj’s custom built food trucks was the first featured on Food Truck Day Org for #NationalFoodTruckDay! Yep, our very own Cravin Shallots. Brother Duo Extraordinaire. Of course, we can’t take credit for their business planning, creativity, determination and delicious Mediterranean cuisine. But we can be happy that we provided them with the custom food truck to make their dream a reality!

“Natives of Morocco, Amine and Ismail Souilmi grew up around food. Their parents hosted guests frequently and, in Moroccan culture, it’s customary to prepare homemade meals for visitors. In adulthood, the brothers took different paths. While Amine worked in engineering, his brother studied culinary arts in France. Eventually, both landed in Boston, albeit for different reasons.”


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Cravin’ Shallots Food Truck

Elhaj Featured Food Truck: Spicy


When Chef Lawrence first contacted us about building a food truck we were super excited to build a truck for the winner of Chopped!

Chef Lawrence, Chopped, Custom food Trucks, The Food Network

Spicy Restaurant Food Truck

“Spicy Restaurants, Yorktown Heights: Making food colorful is the mantra of chef Lawrence Ofori, a Season 35  “Chopped” finalist who works as the director of culinary operations at Javelina in Manhattan. A native of Ghana, Ofori is big on sauces— he has three that range from mild to hot — and happily puts them on top of chicken wings, coconut shrimp and tilipia (though you can get them on the side).”
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Fun Food Truck Fact:

“In the United States, the Texas chuckwagon is a precursor to the American food truck. In the later 1800s, herding cattle from the Southwest to markets in the North and East kept cowhands on the trail for months at a time.In 1866, the “father of the Texas Panhandle”, Charles Goodnight,[a Texas cattle rancher, fitted a sturdy old United States Army wagon with interior shelving and drawers, and stocked it with kitchenware, food and medical supplies. Food consisted of dried beans, coffee,cornmeal, greasy cloth-wrapped bacon, salt pork, beef, usually dried or salted or smoked, and other easy to preserve food stuffs. The wagon was also stocked with a water barrel and a sling to kindle wood to heat and cook food. Tell your reader how they can get in touch if they have questions.”  Read On!


Food Truck Tip:

Create a niche market for your mobile restaurant: a core concept to build your menu from.



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