Brand New Kitchen in a Pre-Owned Truck: Affordability and Perfection

At Elhaj Custom Food Trucks…

 Once you buy your truck and we get your truck, we gut it and do a complete custom build inclusive of: custom concession awning window, custom Dutch door, fiberglass insulation and fire retardant plywood covered with quality stainless steel. Let’s talk flooring. At Elhaj Custom Food Trucks we provide you with no slip diamond plated flooring. And that’s just the start. Next, we run plumbing from a fresh and waste water tank which is seamlessly connected to your hand and three compartment sink. Want more prep space? Done. That’s why Elhaj Custom Food Trucks custom makes covers for your three compartment sink so when you aren’t using it for washing you can use it as a prep space. Electric comes next; plenty of outlets for you POS and electrical units but we don’t stop there. All custom food trucks come with a generator but we like to give you the option to hook up your 30 amp exterior plug for venues that provide electric but mostly for storing your food truck so you don’t waste time emptying your refrigerated items after a long day. Speaking of generators, Elhaj provides all generators with a slide tract and ventilation so it is easily pulled out when you need it.

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And then there is the brand new kitchen equipment. All new kitchen equipment comes with a manual and registration instructions and a one-year warranty from the manufacture. Will you need it? Most likely, no. But if five years down the line you do- you call us and we will put you in touch with our equipment rep and he will have someone out ASAP to service your needs.

Health and fire inspection? We’ve got you. We guarantee that your food truck will pass both health and fire inspection for your venue. We literally put it in writing; that’s how committed we are.

Wrap her up? Yup. We’ve got that. Our Wrap Specialist uses only the highest quality material for wrapping. Want proof? Check out The Wrap Shop At Elhaj’s collection of wrapped custom food trucks!


Food Trucks For Salwe, Food Trucks Near Me, Used Food TurcksHappy Food Truckers are our thing. Check them out here and listen to their experience with Elhaj Custom Food Trucks here.

The thing about building a custom food truck with Elhaj is this: we are a continuous resource and we are not going anywhere. Our goal is to be the best in the mobile restaurant business, and we are growing in step with the food truck industry. And at Elhaj we have a mantra: we only succeed if our food truckers do. Find out about us on our Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. We hope to get you food trucking soon!


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